Fabula ‒ Literature of the World festival is the biggest and most visited literary festival in Slovenia and the wider region. Founded in 2003, it has hosted many modern classics: Herta Müller, Irvin Welsh, Jonathan Franz, Hanif Kureishi, David Grossman, Janice Galloway, Richard Flanagan, Taiye Selasi, Tatiana Tolstoy, Eric Vuillard, Rachel Cusk, Bernhard Schlink and many others. During the years, the festival’s concept has evolved and improved. Today, it is based on a well-thought out curator’s work that tries to pick five authors, who are already considered literary classics or who have made a significant mark on world literature in recent years with their work, while the festival programme Fabula Hub also pays attention to perspective, still establishing literary names.


In addition to the literary part, the festival also has a theoretical focus, which each year questions a new relevant social topic. So far, Slavoj Žižek, Terry Eagleton, Chantal Mouffe, Eva Illouz, Jean-Claude Milner, Patrick Boucheron and others have been guests in the theoretical focus. This year's theoretical program will cover the festival's focus "Future = Privilege?", which will bring two diverse events "Disintegrated countries, decomposed communities?" And "Thinking the community of the future?", contacting in relation to past experience what leads and what the disintegration of a community brings, and a broader reflection in what kind of communities we want to live in in the future. The Fabula Festival is distinguished by a varied accompanying program in which we nurture the connection between literature and other arts, together with related literary institutions we pay special attention to all generations of readers, and at the same time we strengthen the space of the wider literary and social community with innovative ideas and projects.


The main five guests of the festival and the selected young literary name from the Fabula Hub program are also accompanied by fresh translations of books into Slovene. Usually, these are also the first ever translations of the authors into Slovene. A very important mission of the festival is also to introduce Slovenian readers with relevant world literature, which has received wider recognition abroad but is still quite unknown to the general public in Slovenia.


All the books will be published in the festival collection by Beletrina Academic Press and will be up for sale, for 10 euros each.



Festival team

Aljaž Koprivnikar

Artistic director of the festival



Katja Šifkovič

festival program coordinator


Aleš Šteger

program director of Beletrina


Manca G. Renko, Živa Borak, Aljaž Koprivnikar

Editors of the festival book collection


Beletrina festival team

Aleš Šteger, Marko Hercog, Alma Čaušević, Špela Pavlič, Špelca Mrvar, Petra Kavčič, Sabina Tavčar, Branka Jeretina, Timea Campbell, Aleš Vesel, Katja Šifkovič, Marija Ravnikar Dovč, dr. Eva Premk Bogataj, Luka Mancini, Iva Božič, Matic Razpet, Ema Knific, Sara Strajnar, Liu Breza Zakrajšek, Jure Cvet, Žan Cvet


PR and interviews with authors

Kreativna baza



Festival visual identity

Jure Brglez


The festival is organised by Beletrina Academic Press,

Director Mitja Čander


The festival’s co-producer is Cankarjev dom.

The organiser holds the right to change the programme. If changes occur, they will appear on the festival’s website and social media accounts.